Hydrological Soundscapes

World Music made by Rivers

Hydrology basics, episode 2

The rhythm of flood occurrences

A postcard from Antarctica

Weather in the McMurdo Dry Valleys and flows from the Onyx river

Hidden Climate Indices

What’s behind hot-and-dry Australian summers

PCA funk

The sound of principal component analysis

Flood occurrences in the World

Dig into 114 years of global flood data

Scatterplot transformer

An interactive app to fold and bend data

About the logo

Find out the data behind the logo

Hydrology basics, episode 1

Precipitation, streamflow and potential evapotranspiration

Non-geographical worlds

See what Australia looks like when distances are computed hydrologically

El NiñOz

The effect of El Niño and La Niña on Eastern Australian rainfall

Fun with dendrograms

Find out three ways to visualise hierarchical data